Medomate Nigeria Limited | Policies
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The management of MEDOMATE NIGERIA LIMITED recognized that we have an obligation to protect the human, physical and financial resources of the company. We recognize our responsibility to manage our company in such a way that these resources are conserved and utilized effectively. Accordingly, our policy is to:

  • Make work places free from recognize hazards, which are likely to cause death, injury, illness and damage to property (accident)
  • Recognize the priority of safety, health and environmental factors where there is competition with economic consideration.
  • Maintain professional staff to develop and monitor safety and health’s program.
  • Train employee in safe to practices and procedures.
  • Hold each supervisor accountable for ensuring that the employees, equipment and facilities within their area of responsibility are in compliance with this policy.
  • Hold each employee responsible for maintaining his work areas and work practice in compliance with this policy.


MEDOMATE NIGERIA LIMITED management has overall responsibility of development of the company’s quality assurance management system, although the statement of the desired level of quality requires the commitment and active participation of all staff of the company. Consequently, everyone engaged in activity are accomplished.

Our quality assurance objective is to ensure that in the execution of our activities, we employ the use of modern tools and equipment, experienced and very sound result oriented engineering personnel with good management to provide efficient and complementary quality services to our clients. Accordingly our policy is to:

  • Ensure Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Satisfy customer’s expectations
  • Audit and review quality controls improvement
  • Maintain efficient and complementary quality services personnel train all employees on quality assurance practice and procedures.
  • Have a quality assurance focal point and representative
  • Hold each supervisor accountable for ensuring compliance with this policy.


All staff of MEDOMATE NIGERIA LIMITED shall be medically fit and remain so, during their employment. We shall maintain an insurance against any liability that results in case of any personnel suffering occupational disease or impairment to health resulting from our operation.

The company’s retained clinic shall handle all routine medical and medical emergencies.

Only certified and competent First-Aider and nurse can man the first aid box and administer first aid in any operational areas. Records of medications administered or injuries MUST be kept at site base office.

Compliance with this policy is Mandatory.


The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 5.2 (3) ( HASWA), 1958. Stipulates that; “It shall be the duty of every employer to prepare as often as may be appropriate. Revise and issue a written statement of its general policy in respect to the Health and Safety at work. For the employees and the organization, and bring any revision at it to the above.

MEDOMATE NIGERIA LIMITED hereby reviews and issue a revision to the 2006 policy to meet the requirements of the 2007 CASHES.

MEDOMATE NIGERIA LIMITED has a system approach to HSE management designed to ensure compliance with the law and to achieve continuous performance improvement set targets for improvement measure, appraises and reports performance requires its sub-contractors to manage HSE in line with this policy includes HSE performance in the appraisal of all staff and rewards accordingly.

Strict adherence to these polices is required.


An essential part of the overall company’s management is the management of the life of the company’s personnel, client, and third part.Company, client or third party’s equipment and facilities.

To ensure effectiveness in this management, the company as a matter of policy, takes responsibility of the security of all personnel, client representation and third party in all our work sites and premises.

In furtherance of this, the company shall employ trained security officers. Also the services of licensed and professional security organizations shall be secured on retainer-ship to boost overall company security system.

However, local security men from communities where we operate will also be engaged.

Armed security agencies, such as Mobil police Air force, army, or Navy shall also be used in any of our work sites. They shall however be invited in riot situations that are out of control of the Nigeria police force.


In order to promote mutually beneficial relationship with host communities, MEMOMATE NIGERIA LIMITED Shall:

  • Establish a community development program to complement the efforts of Government agencies and donors in the company areas of operations
  • Build sustainable development partnerships by enlisting the full participation of host communities in project planning, implementation, and monitoring.
  • Establish ongoing communication with all social segments of host communities in order to address their concerns and aspirations.
  • Ensure that the benefits of development assistance are equitable distributed among community social groups by lending special attention to the most economically disadvantaged respond to formal community requests in appropriate and timely manner.
  • Continuously assess the social impact of all new core business activities and take needed presentation or measures require all IPSL sub and contractor staff.
  • To relate to communities in a respectful and responsible matter.
  • Ensure that contracting organizations adopt standards or work and behavior that are wholly compatible with this policy.