Medomate Nigeria Limited | WELLHEAD SERVICES
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MEDOMATE as an Indigenous Nigerian Company provided engineers who were involved in the maintenance and services of the wellheads Xmas tree Valves repairs of Total E&P Nig. Ltd. at Opumami and Obodo fields, Warri West, headed by an experienced Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, who are responsible for the Well head maintenance at various levels to guarantee the integrity of the well head components.

Realizing the importance of this service, Medomate engaged field engineers principally to mobilize them to client’s field or location to carry out:


a).        First line Well Head Maintenance that involves visual inspection of well head components; record all missing components (if any); note all signs of damages, wears or leaks at surface; monitor well pressures; function test all valves or down hole safety; greasing of valves; checking of hanger and “X”-bushing integrity; etc with the view to giving detailed report of well head inspection to base for necessary rectifications.

b).       Second line Well Head Maintenance including ad-hoc jobs that involves carrying out repairs and  or  replacement of all missing or malfunctioned WH components, based on the first line reports.

c).        Undertakes all hook-up jobs  to the flow lines and non-return valves (NRV) installation to guarantee safety barriers while carrying out activities on  the well head. This includes but not limited to Cameron, Vetco Grey, Kvaerner, Drill Quip, Wellheads etc.